The Names they Call Us!

People choose at different times

To call us names.

They have called us Radicals

Because we believe in changing the society,

From What it is to What it ought to be!

We have been dubbed Extremist

Because of our sincere and unalloyed adherence

To the tenets of Al-Islam as passed to us by our master!

Some prefer seeing us Fanatics

Due to our refusal to compromise our faith

And remain firm on the Right Path!

To others, we are a bunch of Revolutionaries

‘Cause we seek to enthrone Justice

On earth that humanity may live in peace and harmony!

Of recent, we have metamorphosed into Terrorists

Simply because we say NO,

To Capitalism and Imperialism of all sorts!

If their aim is to ridicule us,

Or demoralize  cum intimidate us (psychologically?),

Let them know that failure is theirs.

For as Allah’s Soldiers,

We are always bound to be victorious,

No matter the odds!

Their calling us theses names does not imply that

Our Victory will not continue to

Give them heart-ache cum heart-quake!

And terrorizing them we shall continue

Until they accept Allah’s Supremacy

Over all other Ideologies!

Who cares what they us tommorrow?

So long as these ‘epithets’ will continue

To make them Terror-Struck.

Let them call us whatever they like.

We know we are who we are,

M      U      S      L      I      M      S!


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