Holiday Assignment for My Students

2nd Term 2013/2014 Session Holiday Assignment for SS 2 @ GSSS Tungan Maje, Abuja – Nigeria

Congratulations on your completion of the 2nd Term 2013/2014 Session. We pray you all pass your examinations! As you enjoy tour holidays, remember that you still have one more term ahead of you before you advance to the next class.

Meanwhile, below is your assignment to prepared you ahead of the next term:

Instructions: Answer the questions to the best of your ability. All assignment are to be typed and spiral bind. Indicate the following on the front page:

FULL NAMES as it appears in your class register, class, group and your question.

Endeavour to proof-read your work properly before you print to avoid loosing marks on grammatical error!


2 thoughts on “Holiday Assignment for My Students”

  1. ogu victor ss2b said:

    Sir its ogu victor ss2b I did not see the holiday assignment.where else can we get it

  2. Sir pls i did’nt see the assignment,pls send it to my email

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