Congratulations on your completion of the 2nd Term 2013/2014 Session. We pray you all pass your examinations! As you enjoy your holidays, remember that you still have one more term ahead of you before you advance to the next class.

Meanwhile, below is your assignment to prepare you ahead of the next term:

Instructions: Answer the questions to the best of your ability. All assignments are to be typed and spiral bind. Indicate your FULL NAMES as it appears in your class register, class and group on the front page. Proof read your work properly before you print to avoid loosing marks on grammatical error!

Instruction: Answer two (2) questions from each poem (i.e. A to I). Hence, you are expected to have eighteen (18) answers in all!

A.  “Boy on A Swing” by Oswald Mtshali

  1.     Discuss the poetic devices used in this poem.
  2.     What is the central theme of this poem
  3.     Comment on how the poet has used has used symbols in this poem
  4.     Give a summary of the story contained in this poem.
  5.     Examine in in detail, the poet’s choice of words.
  6.     Give a detailed biographical account of the Poet, Oswald Mtshali
  7.     The poem ‘Boy on A Swing’ is a commentary on the apartheid political system in South Africa. Comment.
  8.     Comment on “Boy on a Swing” as a search for self-identity.


B.   “Expelled” by Jared Angira

  1.     Examine the changes in the persona’s life in “Expelled”
  2.     Write short notes on any five (5) major themes in the poem “Expelled”
  3.     Analyze the following poetic devices as used in the poem with copious examples:
  •      Alliteration
  •      Assonance
  •      Repetition
  •      Personification
  •      Hyperbole
  •      Metaphor/Symbol

4.     “Expelled” is a poem about the negative effect of foreign intrusion on the indigenous people of Kenya. Expatiate.

5.      Expelled is a song of lamentation. Discuss.

6.      The poet appears angry, do you think he is or do you think otherwise.


C.      “Homeless Not Hopeless” by Sola Owonibi

  1.     “Homeless Not Hopeless” is poem about resilience. Discuss.
  2.      Discuss how this poem has affected your perception of life.
  3.      Discuss the poem as an account of the life of underprivileged people in Nigeria.
  4.      What does the poet say about homelessness in this poem?
  5.      Identify three (3) major themes in the poem and discuss them fully.
  6.      Identify and discuss at least three (3) dominant literary devices used in this poem.
  7.      In what ways are the fortunes of the Rich and the Poor linked in “Homeless Not Hopeless”


D.     “The Fence” by Lenrie Peters

  1.      Discuss the theme of indecision in the poem
  2.      Discuss the theme of pain and suffering in this poem.
  3.      Give a detailed account of the poem
  4.      Critically examine the view that “The Fence” is about a struggle between good and evil.
  5.      Comment on the poet’s use of irony.
  6.      Identify two (2) themes in the poem and discuss them fully.


 E      “Ambassadors of Poverty” by P.O.C. Umeh

  1.     What kind of poem is ‘Ambassador of Poverty’?
  2.     Discuss five (5) major figures of speech in ‘Ambassadors of Poverty.
  3.     How do the ‘Patriots’ and the ‘elites’ contribute to poverty in “Ambassadors of Poverty”?
  4.     Who are the ambassadors of poverty and why?
  5.     Discuss the poem in relation to its background and setting.


F.     “Myopia” Syl. Sheney-Coker

  1.    Discuss the poet’s use of metaphor in ‘Myopia’.
  2.    Examine the theme of bad leadership in the poem.
  3.    The poet offers a revolutionary approach to solving problems. Discuss.
  4.    Discuss the suffering of the masses in “Myopia”.
  5.    To what extent is are the images in the poem true of your own society?


G.    “The Sun Rising” by John Donne

  1.    Discuss “The Sun Rising” as a metaphysical poem.
  2.    Examine in detail two (2) themes in the poem, and comment on the emotion they are likely to generate in readers.
  3.    With sufficient illustration, discuss in full the fact that ‘The Sun Rising’ is after all a love poem rather than a mere abuse of the sun.
  4.    Comment on the imagery in ‘The Sun Rising’.
  5.    What is the poet’s attitude towards the sun in ‘The Sun Rising’?


 H.   “The Soul Errands” by Walter Raleigh

  1.    Discuss two (2) major themes in the poem “The Soul Erands”.
  2.    Identify any three poetic devices used in the poem and discuss them with textual references to the poem.
  3.    Treat Sir Walter Raleigh’s Soul’s Errand as a satire


I.     “Upon an Honest Man Fortune” by John Fletcher

  1.    In your view what is the belief of the poet about fortune tellers?
  2.    The poem is about the Omniscient nature of God against the belief in stars and fortune tellers. Discuss.
  3.    Identify three (3) themes in the poem and discuss with examples.


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